Services used: video and animation

Visualise This –
Edinburgh Business School

The Brief

The Edinburgh Business School (EBS) is one of the worlds largest providers of online MBAs.

Their internationally recognised, flexible courses are translated into five languages. This helps the material to fit around the needs of students that study remotely with EBS from all over the globe.

EBS consistently monitor the effectiveness of their online course materials, allowing them to see areas of the courses where students struggle, which can create bottlenecks. As a result of this research, EBS decided that a visual, e-learning approach which puts the topic into a ‘real life’ context was required to ease potential bottlenecks and help the students grasp the subject matter.

In 2013, EBS approached Elastic with a prototype for some educational videos that we wanted to produce for our distance-learning MBA students.

“From the very first meeting, the team at Elastic instantly ‘got’ what we were trying to achieve and started transforming our rough-and-ready outline into an attractive, uncluttered and individual animation style.”

“Elastic have contributed greatly to the success of the videos through their ability to get to grips with subject matter that can be very complex –  and to communicate these ideas in memorable and accessible ways. The storyboarding and production process is smooth and effective, but this doesn’t happen on its own. It’s underpinned by a lot of hard work, good communication and patience. The team at Elastic listen, ask good questions, come up with great ideas and make us strong coffee. They continue to be a pleasure to work with.”

Stuart Allan, Publishing Manager
Edinburgh Business School

EBS video playing on tablet

The Solution

The first task for Elastic was to work on the design styling of the main courses website to create a unified, visually rich and engaging experience for the EBS international students. With the design styling in place, we were asked to take that styling and create a prototype animated video.

After EBS trialled our prototype animated video, the feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive. We were then asked to create a series of videos for each of the courses and modules. As well as creating visually rich videos, our approach was based on an animation style that allowed us to easily reuse and develop new assets for subsequent videos.

This means that in future, both Elastic and EBS can react to student requirements, and create videos based on new material in an efficient and cost effective way. The response to the videos has led to the creation over 30 videos so far, with new videos in the pipeline.

The Results

The videos have proved to be a vital part of EBS’ e-learning approach.

  • The videos have been viewed 24,000 in one year
  • Video views peak just before the exam period
  • 50 per cent of video views are from Africa, Caribbean and Arab world

The response from e-learning students has also been overwhelmingly positive.

  • 91 per cent of students surveyed said the videos were “useful” or “very useful”
  • 91 per cent agreed the visuals were clear and helpful to their e-learning