Entrepreneurial Scotland

Entrepreneurial Scotland

Entrepreneurial Scotland is an organisation set up to promote and inspire entrepreneurialism in Scotland. It is the coming together of the Saltire Foundation and the Entrepreneurial Exchange where peers can some together and share experiences and advice for those looking to develop themselves. They are committed to job and wealth generation so that Scotland continues to develop a strong economic outlook. Its members are some of Scotland’s leading business figures; people who have each found a unique way to create and develop highly successful businesses.

Elastic were tasked with creating a video to launch of the rebranded Entrepreneurial Scotland at their yearly awards ceremony.

Elastic worked closely with the team at Entrepreneurial Scotland to create a script that truly reflected the new organisation’s values. In addition to filming and directing the video, Elastic added overlaid motion graphics in post-production to create the finished piece.

Elastic love a challenge themselves and capturing this moment in time with so many leading business figures in a tight timescale was a very rewarding experience.