Celebrating Elastic Thinkers That Inspire Us

Elastic thinkers have been pushing the human-race forward throughout history; from the invention of the wheel to the world wide web. Here’s a collection of posts celebrating the elastic thinkers that have inspired the elastic-heads here in the studio.

  • Adam Smith: Scotland’s Original Elastic Thinker

    Adam Smith was an economic and philosophical thinker of the highest order, back in the times of Enlightenment, during the mid 18th century. Here we discuss how relevant and ahead of their time his ideas were.

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  • Leonardo da Vinci: Elastic Thinker

    In this post, our Creative Director Guy Connell talks us through why Leonardo da Vinci - one of the original elastic thinkers - is such an incredible source of creative inspiration.

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  • Michael Bierut: Elastic Thinker

    Michael Bierut is a graphic designer, design critic writer and educator. In this post, we look at how he used Elastic Thinking to create incredible designs.

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  • Alexander McQueen: Elastic Thinker

    As part of the Elastic Thinkers series, we’re featuring people that have inspired us with their revolutionary ideas, work and creativity. In this post, Pamela explains how forward-thinking Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen inspired her creatively.

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  • George Lucas: Elastic Thinker

    George Lucas changed Hollywood forever when making his original Star Wars trilogy, everything from special effects to branded merchandise, the repercussions are still felt to this day.

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  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Elastic Thinker

    Social justice, feminism, LGBT equality & more: The Notorious RBG has overcome a lot to become an icon. You don't have to be a visual artist to think creatively, and Ginsburg's life proves it!

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  • Dr. Seuss: Elastic Thinker

    Elasticity gives us creative freedom, but it can also restrict. Find out how one Elastic thinker used restrictions in a new way to come up with one of his most well-known works.

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  • Eduardo Paolozzi: Elastic Thinker

    Despite a successful and diverse career, Eduardo Paolozzi remains a mysterious figure rarely given his due. Here's why we admire his creative thinking and his art.

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  • Antoni Gaudí: Elastic Thinker

    Gaudí is known for his unique architectural style, and nowhere portrays that style better than Barcelona. Take a look at his masterwork, the Sagrada Familia.

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  • Lee Miller: Elastic Thinker

    Lee Miller never let herself be beaten by the obstacles in her path. Learn more about this creative thinker and why we find her so inspiring!

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