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With the majority of your potential customers now using mobile, our websites are designed to adapt to any kind of mobile device, making it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

Why do we design websites with mobile in mind?

While laptop and desktop computers used to be the main way of getting online, in the past few years they’ve been overtaken by mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

At the moment, there are currently over 1,800 milion people using either a mobile phone or tablet to access the internet.

When coupled with easily available, high speed mobile internet connections, it’s highly likely that the first time your potential customers visit your website, it’s going to be on a mobile device.

First impressions count for a lot, which is why every website we design is built with mobile in mind.

How do we design websites with mobile in mind?

Every website we build is designed to adapt to any and every type of mobile device your customers could use, from iPhones to tablets.

This means that while the information on your website will stay the same, the website can find out what type of device is being used, and display in a way that makes everything clear and easy to use for your potential customers.

Additionally, this also means that we only have to build and update information on one website, as opposed to designing separate sites for mobile devices and for home computers.

Time spent on mobile devices is greater than time spent using desktop or laptop computers, and this trend is increasing.

How does a mobile website help you, and your potential customers?

By having a website that looks good, loads quickly, and is easy to use on mobile devices, you can confidently reach your potential customers wherever they are, and whenever they’re online.

For your potential customers, having a website that works well on mobile makes it more likely that they’ll spend time browsing your website, and makes it easier for them to contact you, or buy products from your website.

Having a website that has been designed with mobile in mind provides a window to a huge potential audience, and it’s one you can’t afford to miss.

How can we make your website more friendly to potential customers using mobile devices?

We’re always happy to help businesses improve their user experience, and see their online traffic grow.

If you’d like to have a chat about your current website, or designing a new website with mobile in mind, then please get in touch.

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