Mobile first websites

Our websites are designed to be responsive and to deliver beautifully over all mobile devices.  We always think mobile first and strive to create first class user experiences that secure strong returns on investment for clients.

Within a digital multiple point of contact world, mobile is the first channel to think about

Customers and consumers are never without their mobile phone or tablet.

They use them for information, purchases, transactional exchanges and for communication. Because people carry these devices within them, they hold rich information about user location and profiles.

Within a digital multiple point of contact world, mobile is the first channel to think about.

Playing its part strongly, across customer acquisition, conversion and retention, well executed mobile marketing will deliver rich returns for your brand.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous and present a rich opportunity for the marketeer

The ‘tipping point’, where mobile device usage overtook desktop usage happened in 2013-2014. There are now over 1, 800 million global mobile phone and tablet users compared to around 1,600 million desktop and laptop users.

Mobiles are carried everywhere. They carry the personality, the opinions and the likes and dislikes of the customer. Marketing messaging can be targeted at the right time and in the right location. Richer consumer demographics can be accessed and communications are more effective. Meaning the return on investment for your brand is higher.

Time spent on mobile devices is greater than desktop and other media. This trend is increasing and so the mobile environment is one of rich opportunity for the marketeer.

One website with all the content living in one place

It’s a challenge designing for multiple devices, screen sizes and browsers. A challenge we are always happy to accept.

When building a mobile website, there are two approaches.

  1. Create a responsive website which adapts intelligently for every device and screen size
  2. Create separate stand alone websites for mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop using separate templates

Elastic’s approach is to build a fully responsive website which adapts to every use case within one template.

Our clients have one website which changes depending on which screen and device it is viewed on. Text content remains the same but images, graphics and style elements change subject to screen size.

Browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. are becoming more and more sophisticated at dealing with mobile designs. There is often no need to design something separate or even create an application or ‘app’ for Android or Apple iOs.

You will have one single URL or website address that will remain the same across every platform. This is easy to manage and more powerful to market. Search engine optimisation can be carried out in one place. Analytics of traffic is more manageable too.

Our responsive sites are fast, accessible, usable and deliver return on investment for our clients

Of course, if a specific product or use case requires a separate mobile development or a Google Play, Apple iTunes ‘app’ then Elastic will consider that as a separate piece of work.

Our mobile first approach is designed to reap maximum return and exposure for your brand. A responsive website from Elastic is your beautifully adapted window to the digital world. Reaching your audience at the right time in the right place it’s your number one digital asset.

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