Who is Visiting your Website? Find out…

Lead identification technology tells you which companies are visiting your website. It can also help identify individuals too. This proves valuable to many companies for gathering intelligence, closing more deals & forming digital strategy.

Your very own Big Brother

Consumers often use a number of digital touch points before finally purchasing a product or a service.

They might arrive at a website through a Google search or have noticed a brand’s social media messaging or campaign. They might then leave and return through a different digital route before finally deciding to purchase or convert. It’s valuable for an organisation to have a much information as possible on who is visiting their website and their potential customer base. This can be used to inform digital strategy, new content and be used in targeting specific demographics.

Lead identification technologies allow an organisation to find out the names of companies visiting their website. IP identification is especially useful for identifying larger businesses and for B2B marketing. Larger companies have fixed IP addresses and can be easily identified. This information can then be used for sales strategies and for contacting warmed up businesses directly.

Which technologies to use?

CANDDi is an extremely powerful and in depth technology that will drive your digital business forward, providing and closing more leads. Elastic have a partnership with the company providing the technology and can help you set-up your website on the system with full on boarding and training.

CANDDi is a digital intelligence gathering technology in its own right and isn’t part of a suite of tools, like Hubspot or Marketo. It’s a specialist lead identification and nurturing product. CANNDi provides its own easy to use dashboards and email alerts that will help your company identify and close more business. The tool is very flexible, innovative and constantly in development.

You will be able to see which companies are visiting your website, where they are coming in from (search, email, social etc), which country and city in which they’re based, how long they spend on site, what content they view and if they return. Your sales representatives can all have individually tailored dashboards and email alerts for only their areas and interests.

Find out who is browsing your website & turn many more leads into business

Lead nurturing & development…

Lead nurturing is the process of gathering intelligence on potential business and using that to move those customers identified, further along in the sales cycle. This could be individual consumers or larger businesses depending on the marketplace.

Lead nurturing also provides valuable input into digital campaigns designed to convert those on the verge of purchase. Marketing automation is also utilised within this process, to make sure all available digital information reaches all the people, that need to know, within a business.

Lead nurturing includes pre-CRM activity, in building digital profiles and assigning potential prospects. All this rich information can then be synced with your main CRM system.

Lead identification and nurturing is a central part of CRM marketing.

Identify & close more business with CANDDi

CANNDi integrates with all the leading email marketing solutions so that you can track individuals clicking through from email marketing campaigns and monitor activity over time. This can be used to send out further targeted messaging aimed at conversion.

With CANNDi you will also be able to see who has opened email attachments and quotes sent out plus clients clicking on links sent out with business email.

Digital intelligence, lead identification and nurturing are essential parts of any 360 degree, comprehensive digital strategy. Smaller and larger businesses will strongly benefit from engaging with this approach and technology. More business will be identified and closed. The intelligence gleaned will drive strategy and shape future business growth.

Elastic can introduce you to CANDDi, help with on boarding and training plus ensure your business derives maximum value from the product going forward. Get in touch today!

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