It might be intelligence, Jim…but do we understand it?

A large eye indicating digital intelligence

Ok, so here’s the digital intelligence…are you seeing it? Are you understanding it? Is it really benefiting your company and driving sales?

Marketing automation, digital marketing intelligence and lead nurturing are core technologies used by many companies to drive business and better understand their audience.

Within this area there is a big debate about the ‘single customer journey’ and being able to identify customers at every digital touch point, so that relevant content can be served and fed into the marketing mix.

Digital marketing is trackable

One of the beauties of digital marketing is that the medium is highly trackable and that performance can be measured with precision. And this should then also feed into providing customers with the right content at the right time on the right device, based on where they are in the consumer cycle…right?

Well, Houston, (last gratuitous space reference) we have a problem…this ‘single view’ is still some way off, in industry terms, as there isn’t an agreed standard for recording and reporting activity at every digital touch point. Also there are privacy concerns to consider.

Having totally useful, helpful content at exactly the right time would be wonderful wouldn’t it, but at what cost to your personal identity?

Until these issues are worked through, companies currently use what they have available to piece together customer journeys and target who they can with what they know.

This can be a mix of different technologies and tools.

Campaign and Digital Intelligence (CANDDi)

Here at Elastic, the main technology we use for customer identification and lead nurturing is a system called CANNDi. This is short for Campaign and Digital Intelligence. CANNDi is able to identify companies visiting your website, let you know which pages have been viewed and for how long.

You might think this is all a little invasive. And of course it is but it’s a very useful part of a digital marketeer’s arsenal!

CANNDi can also let you know about individuals visiting your site too without actually identifying them. These potential leads can then be nurtured and re-targeted to move them further along the sales cycle.

CANNDi has proven to be a very powerful tool for companies we work with in, identifying a large proportion of their corporate website visitors. It’s then possible for our clients to formulate appropriate follow up strategies to engage and turn these warm leads into converted business.

However, information on digital intelligence needs to be as easy as possible to consume for sales people, if they are to act on it.

Understanding the data

It needs to be understood in an instant.

Here’s an example. Every time a new company visits the one of our client’s sites, a sales representative receives an email alert. These emails contain a lot of information but it’s crucial that the subject line shows the key parts so that the rep has a complete view, at a glance. This is especially important when reading work emails on mobile devices.

We’ve worked with CANNDi to make sure every alert email has the company name, location, time on site and where the traffic has come from. This last part is called the referrer and it could be anything from Google search, LinkedIn, Google PPC, Twitter, an email campaign…etc.

For the sales reps, this looks like:


digital intelligence in email subject line



So companies visiting our client’s site are highly visible within the sales teams and this adds a lot of value to the information CANNDi brings in. The reps are aware of traffic and understand what it means as the information is clear.

A more intelligent website

This kind of digital intelligence can benefit both smaller and larger companies. Smaller organisations can also see companies visiting their website. Crucially they can track individual people and their returning activity, until they make their identities known. CANNDi is very much about lead nurturing and providing useful digital information to companies that helps them turn more visitors into leads and sales. It can be used as a ‘pre-CRM’, holding valuable pre conversion data that illuminates your company’s digital presence.

To improve the intelligence of your website get in touch with us here at Elastic.

We can introduce you to CANNDi and give you a full one to one demonstration of the tool and all its features. We can also provide training, set-up and support of your live CANNDi account, if you decide to go ahead.

Working With Elastic – comment from CANDDi

At CANDDi we work with a LOT of marketing companies, all aiming to do their best to help their clients reach their brand and business objectives…and we love working with them to help their clients get more business from their activity. We’ve worked with Elastic for 2 years now – and love how they keep us on our toes – they have a clearly defined objective, to propel their clients’ brand and to help their clients make more money from their digital activities. They work closely with us to make sure CANDDi is configured perfectly for their clients, and ensure we’re working together to deliver amazing value.


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