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Data is everywhere. The nature of online is that all activity is recordable and leaves a digital footprint. This creates an opportunity to create business value through looking into the numbers and learning from the patterns.

Digital is trackable

The fact that digital is trackable has many benefits for digital marketeers and organisations looking to develop, launch and optimise their digital presences. It also has benefits for users and consumers of providing them with personalised experiences and useful, targeted content (in a perfect digital world!).

With information and performance data available in real time it’s absolutely possible to see what’s working and what’s not very quickly. There is no hiding from digital reporting data. Targeted campaigns can be altered and tweaked according to what the user data is showing. This ensures that value is obtained for the client and that return on investment is as high as possible. Core digital presences can also be optimised over time using the same approach for campaigns.

Within the digital marketing universe there are a range of different analytic types. Research analytics, search analytics, social media analytics, digital advertising analytics, email marketing analytics, website analytics, data analytics, e-commerce analytics are all performed here at Elastic.

Analytical tools…

Google Analytics is our main tool used for measuring website performance over desktop, tablet and mobile. GA lets us know how many visitors your website has attracted, where they’ve come from (Google search, Adwords, social media…etc) and if they are new or returning. It also gives information on the best performing content and what areas can be improved. If your site has contact forms or other transactional elements we can set-up goals which record this.

Google Webmasters is used for managing search engine marketing and optimising client sites for strong performance on Google. Through this tool we can control XML sitemaps, monitor how many web pages are indexed within Google and view any issues that are reported which may be affecting performance. Bing Webmasters Tools is the equivalent technology for managing search marketing on Bing and Yahoo search engines.

For search marketing analytics Elastic also use Advanced Web Rankings. This tool gives us detailed information on keyword performance in search. So in simpler terms we look at the words people are using to find your website and make sure they are as high up as possible in all search engines. We also research new keyword opportunities for your brand and identify the key terms that your brand shown own.

Google Adwords provides a vast range of suggested keyword options and also shows the number of people searching for each term. This is called keyword volume. It’s important to consider the popularity around the searches people are performing as these will drive more traffic to your website. Adwords provides additional digital advertising analytics around pay per click (PPC) performance, which works together with search marketing.

SEMRush is enterprise level search analytics and competitor performance tracking tool and complements the work we do within AWR.

Alongside SEMRush, Elastic use Powermapper and Sortsite for analysing the technical performance of websites. This provides in depth reporting on accessibility, usability, technical issues, SEO issues, HTML standards, compliance and site speed.

Creating business value through looking into the numbers and learning from the patterns

Real time reporting…

At Elastic we provide our clients with real time reporting in addition to monthly reports. Within a Geckoboard dashboard clients can see real time information on web traffic, Google PPC performance, campaign activity and various social media KPIs…plus much more. This real time view really helps clients understand what’s happening with their digital assets on a day to day basis. It helps put into perspective return in investment (ROI).

In addition to Geckboard real time information, Elastic produce formal monthly reports for all our clients with detailed performance analysis based on agreed KPIs. Monthly reports will also compare performance at the same point in a previous year so that annual data can be assessed.

For research into customer profiling and to inform the digital targeting process, we use Experian Marketing Services. Experian can provide rich demographical information on the changing digital environment and the channels used. This is very helpful for shaping digital strategy.

Through in depth digital analytics and reporting we make sure you fully understand the return on investment your brand is achieving through all your digital assets.

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